Board Committees

Audit Committee

This committee comprises independent members(*) of the Board. Its functions include monitoring the effectiveness of internal financial control systems, internal control and risk assessment for the Company and its relationships with its subordinate bodies. It is also responsible for ensuring the integrity of the financial statements, compliance with legal requirements and laws of the public securities markets, the competence and independence of the external auditors, approving the internal audit procedures and monitoring compliance.

Audit Committee internal regulation

Audit Committee Members

  • Juan Guillermo Serna *
  • Isaac Yanovich *
  • Oscar Darío Morales *

Finance Committee

Established to monitor the financial performance of the company, as well as risk management, it is responsible for analyzing and recommending the capital and debt structure to the Board.

Finance Committee Members

  • Álvaro Jaramillo *
  • Juan Guillermo Serna *
  • Alexander Bialer
  • Roberto Kriete
  • Raul Campos

Human Resources and Compensation Committee

This committee was formed to establish the model and strategy for the development and management of human talent and to recommend the basic philosophy and corporate goals and objectives relating to the compensation of the Company's personnel.

Human Resources and Compensation Committee Members

  • Roberto Kriete
  • José Efromovich
  • Isaac Yanovich *