Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Avianca Holdings S.A. has defined its Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability plan based on three key principles:

- Social Management
- Environmental Management
- Financial Management

Social Management

The integrated airlines continuously work to provide quality services to passengers and customers while participating in public and private initiatives that seek to improve the living conditions of various segments of the population in the countries in which the carriers operate, emphasizing its commitment to children’s health and education. Thus, through its Miles Bank, the affiliated airlines provide an opportunity for low income individuals from different regions of Latin America to travel to larger cities within Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala and receive specialized medical attention. The program, which was implemented since 2006, has helped more than 1,700 people.

Likewise, in partnership with international organizations, the affiliated airlines support the transfer of humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations in different parts of the world especially in Latin America.

Environmental Management

Avianca Holdings S.A. integrated airlines carry out a corporate action plan geared to the care and preservation of the planet. In this area of action, the modernization of the fleet has significantly reduced noise levels and CO2 emissions highlighting the advances on this front. As a complementary activity a mitigation program has been launched to reduce the impact of hazardous ground waste materials by implementing pollution prevention mechanisms in hangars and airports.

Economic Management

Conscious of its important role as a value creator in both the corporate and financial sector, Avianca Holdings S.A. has a strong Corporate Governance structure in place. Specific policies and guidelines have been defined to achieve transparent corporate performance.This is governed by the code of ethics and values ​​to impact the actions of each of its employees to ensure they render honest, loyal and diligent service, upholding the good name of the business at all times.