Why invest in Avianca Holdings S.A.

We are committed to optimizing our investments to generate value and sustainable growth. Here are just a few of the reasons to why you should invest in Avianca Holdings S.A.:

  • We have a differentiated business model that covers all the group's airlines. It is based on the concept of Latin Excellence (Excelencia Latina), a concept which aims to capitalize on the competitive advantages provided by an integrated operation by a group of airlines, with one network and a single customer experience.
  • One of our primary goals is to build a Latin American air network for the world that stands out for its superior quality and services.
  • Diversified business. Each year we continue to strengthen several business units to expand beyond passenger transport. Through targeted investments the company offers specialized courier and cargo services, personnel training, aircraft maintenance and tourism products which have increased revenue sources.
  • Our business strategy focuses primarily on Latin America, one of the regions with the highest growth potential in the world.